Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Morning Routine

Now for the dreaded morning routine…It’s really not that bad, but I am not a morning person AT ALL! I used to wake up in exactly enough time to brush teeth, shower, dry hair (very minimal styling), dress, put on makeup, grab something to eat while running out of the house, and make it to the office 5 minutes late. I then digressed to even skipping the makeup (sorry co-workers) for a time. All in all I only needed 20-30 minutes to get out the door. That kind of rushing around gets kind of old though. Plus with my new undertaking of becoming a housekeeping rock star, I have found that the mornings are also a good time to be a little productive. So, without further ado, the morning routine:

  • Start/switch laundry loads – on your way downstairs or to the kitchen switch the laundry loads you started last night
  • Make coffee
  • Empty dishwasher / put away dry dishes – if you put these dishes away now your dishwasher sink will be ready this evening for more dirty dishes
  • Eat breakfast – it’s the most important meal of the day
  • Vitamins – taking my vitamin regularly is also an area where I have failed. I put them by my coffee pot to try and remember to suck one down when I have a drink in my hand
  • Quiet time / bible study – My pastor always says to give God the first part of your day! OK! So I gave some time to chores and coffee first, but this is the first thing I really turn my brain on for.
  • Make / review to-do lists for the day
  • Abs workout – this will probably get skipped some mornings, but we’re dreaming big here people!
  • Water plants
  • Weekday chore –sometimes you will not have a chore in the morning and the evening
  • Clean breakfast dishes
  • Shower
  • Get dressedHair / makeup
  • Tidy bathroom
  • Change laundry loads – keep that laundry moving!
  • Grab gym bag
  • Grab packed lunch and head to work!

That’s it! I have to get up an hour and a half earlier, but it feels good to start your day being productive (once you get used to less sleep that is).


  1. You're trying to do all of that before you even leave for work??? My gosh, I wouldn't even get out of bed if all of that awaited me! LOL!

  2. Yes, well I need to post an update on this propsed schedule. It has not been working out so well. Hopefully I'll have a new plan soon

  3. One thing I find particularly helpful is to put my bag/purse next to the door (or close to it) along with all the things I need to bring with me to work the next day. This saved me a lot of time running around making sure I didn't forget anything necessary for the next day. Plus, if you can't find something the night before you'll have more time to think of the missing item, or just get over it without the anxiety of rushing the next morning. Cheers to you Mrs Laura!