Friday, December 10, 2010

Not-so-determined Blogger

Boy have I let this fall through the cracks. In my efforts at domesticity, I have been unable to be a successful blogger.

My downfall started with the tailgating season. We stay so busy going to all the Clemson home games and preparing food for large groups of people, I can barely keep the house in order. In fact if you were to ask my husband, he might say that I did not in fact keep the house in order. So, just don't ask him, okay?

Then, immediately following football seasons, the holidays started creeping up on me. Actually, football and the holidays did a little overlap and effectively kicked my butt.

However, one of the main (and saddest) reasons I have not been blogging lately is that I've been too tired and lacked the self control to plate and take a pictures of everything I cook before the hubs and I scarf it down. A post without a picture just isn't the same, and the fat girl part of me is more powerful than the blogger part. Sigh...

I will try harder folks. Not because I think you care (I do not have the audacity for such bold assumptions), but because I made a HUGE deal about starting a blog only to let it die off after only a handful of posts and now I am embarrassed. I hope to get a few more posts up in the next few days. I will do it for the people and for pride! Haha.

The Determined Domestic/Blogger

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